Joshua Edwards Worship

E ternal Gospel

Well I saw another angel,
with message on his lips
The everlasting gospel,
preaching the Kingdom to everything that lives

He shouted “Fear God, and give Him glory,
for the hour of His judgment comes
So worship Him who made the heavens,
come and worship Christ the Saving One”

Come worship Christ the Saving One

You are Yeshua,
our Salvation
You have redeemed
by Your blood on the cross
You are Messiah,
Lord of the Harvest
And You have come
to seek and save the lost

And behold I saw upon a cloud
the One who is like a Son of Man
Upon His brow was a golden crown
and He held a sharpened sickle in His hand
For now the time had fully come,
the day of vengeance of our Lord
To reap His harvest from the earth
And to press the wine
where the grapes of wrath are stored

Eternal gospel,
we will be preaching
To every people,
and every tribe and tongue
Eternal gospel,
it will be reaching
Every nation and then the end will come,
every nation and then the end will come