Joshua Edwards Worship

H e Shall Reign

Why do the nations rage?
Why do the rulers plot in vain?
Why do the people say,
“Let us break free from Yahweh!”

Up in heaven all the while,
enthroned, the King just smiles
I’m guessin’ they don’t realize
that now and forever Jesus reigns

The kingdoms of this world
become the kingdoms of our
God and every knee will bow

Jehovah’s Name be blessed
and every tongue confess
That Jesus Christ is Lord of all,
He is Lord of all

And He shall reign,
He shall reign
The King shall reign forever,
forever Jesus reigns

The seventh trumpet sounds,
and the four and twenty elders bow
They all fall facedown
before the God of mercy and grace
Now the nations come undone
when the saints receive their just reward
And the time of judgment comes,
‘cause now and forever Jesus reigns

Forever     Forever      Forever
And ever and ever and ever Jesus Reigns