Joshua Edwards Worship

T he Seal

These things I see
Is this reality
Lord is this just a dream or is it real
I pray these incense prayers
I’m casting all my cares
Ain’t got no need to be scared
I got the seal

Seven seals are broken
Opened by the Lamb
Seven angels sounding out
Seven trumpet blasts
First angel has hail-fire
Mixed with blood and rain
Now a third of the plants of the earth
Begin to feel the pain

Second angel throws a mountain
Into the heart of the sea
I don’t understand
why the people of the world
Just don’t take a knee
Then the third one throws Wormwood
And poisons a third of the waters
Hard-hearted like Pharoah
They just won’t look to the Father
The trumpet is sounding, resounding
From angel #4
Lights out, watch out
Look now here come 3 more

Let praises rise
Up to the heavenly skies
Yahweh hears our cries for freedom
My heart and flesh faint for You
O God we wait for You
The Coming King and the Kingdom
We’ve got the seal