Joshua Edwards Worship

L ukewarm Life

Well, I’ve become rich,
and I don’t need a thing
I have everything I want,
I’ve got the world on a string
See I’ve acquired wealth,
so I got some cool clothes
That I bought for myself,
so I won’t be exposed

And I’m lovin’ lovin’ lovin’
my lukewarm life
Not too big, not too little,
I keep it right down the middle
Got no peace but I got no strife
And I’m good good good
at playin’ it safe
Oh, nice and easy does it, man
I sure am lovin’ my lukewarm life

What’s so wrong with a little comfort,
a life free from suff’ring and pain
It couldn’t possibly be Your will Lord
for me to go ‘gainst the grain
I’m not a fan of negativity
with these harsh things You have to say
So tell me something that I want to hear,
or I just might turn the other way

Well, I was lovin’ lovin’ lovin’
my lukewarm life
But You cut me like a sword
with your not-so-nice words
Now hold on, Jesus, did I hear You right?
Did I hear You sayin’ sayin’ sayin’
“either hot or c-c-c-cold”
Man, it seems to me that
You’re a tad-bit extreme
for my lukewarm life

Well, maybe I’m beginning to realize that maybe
Maybe You know me better than I know myself
And maybe I need You to open up my eyes,
so I can put my pride up on the shelf
And maybe, Lord, I’m gonna need a little help

I hear You knockin’ knockin’ knockin’
on the door of my heart
I wanna open up inside, invite You to abide,
and clean out every part
‘Cause I know that
I am a pitiful wretch
I’m desperate and lowly,
I need You to clothe me
I’m naked and blind,
Father open up my eyes
I’m a big hot mess,
but Jesus come and be my guest
And I’m so sick and tired, Lord,
refine me in the fire
I wanna start livin’,
oh God I am giving up . . .
my luke . . . warm . . . life