Joshua Edwards Worship

A Thousand Years

A thousand years
The King’s domain
What awesome joy-filled bliss
An angel holds a key and chain
To bind and throw the devil down
Into the great abyss

A thousand years
What do I see
But many martyrs’ thrones
Living once again are they
The judgment seats are now reserved
For those unblemished souls

A thousand years
Harmonious peace
But as he’s falling down
The serpent writhes, his anger rise
The dragon dreams and plots and schemes
For when he is unbound

A thousand years
Then for a time
The liar is released
The nations to deceive again
More people to mislead but then
We know the lies will cease

A thousand years
O fateful day!
The war to end all wars
Gog & Magog muster strength
From every corner of the earth
Like sands upon the shores

A thousand years
Oh, day of fire
When raining flames consume
A burning lake made for the snake
Where beast and prophet can be found
And Satan meets his doom

A thousand years
The Great White Throne
The judgment time has come
The Book of Life is opened up
The great and small, the dead are judged
And death and hell are done

A thousand years!
A million years!
Eternity will do!
Endless days eternal praise
Just to gaze upon Your face
Oh, just to be with You