Joshua Edwards Worship

A lleluia (Victory March)

Alleluia!  Glory and salvation
 Alleluia!  Righteous and true are all Your ways
 Alleluia!  Honor and power
 Alleluia!  God is great and greatly to be praised

And praise our God,
all ye servants, come and bless Him
And praise our God,
all who fear Him, bow before Him
And praise our God,
all creatures small and great
For the Lord God Omnipotent reigns,
for the Lord God Omnipotent reigns

We’ve got the victory,
we’ve got the victory
We’ve got the victory
by the blood of the Lamb

He’ll win the victory,
He’ll win the victory
He’ll win the victory
by the sword of the Lamb

We ride to victory,
we ride to victory
We ride to victory
riding with the Lamb

We’ll taste the victory,
we’ll taste the victory
We’ll taste the victory,
at the marriage of the Lamb