Joshua Edwards Worship

W arrior

The beast with ten horns
will rage against the Lamb
Ten kings will unite their strength,
but the Lamb will conquer them
The harlot and the beast
will receive their recompense
The Righteous Judge of Babylon
releases His sentence

A thousand fall by His side,
ten thousand at His right hand
The King will watch with eyes of fire
the wicked’s punishment
He is the King of kings,
and He is the Lord of lords
Great and Mighty Conqueror,
the Lamb . . . is a Warrior

Woe to that great city,
woe to Babylon
For in a single hour
your judgment has now come
All of Heaven rejoices,
the saints around the throne
Sing a song of vict’ry
for Babylon is overthrown

Vengeance is mine declares the Lord
Vengeance is mine declares the Lord