Joshua Edwards Worship

G od of Mercy

LORD we have heard of your great fame,
LORD we behold your awesome ways
In the midst of these years,
our hearts will not fear
Revive Your works,
renew them in our day

And in Your wrath
remember mercy,
and in Your time
reveal Your glory
And in that day,
the day of the vengeance of our God,
You will proclaim
The year of the favor of the LORD

LORD when the world blasphemes Your name,
LORD when the peoples turn away
Choosing blood and fire and death,
pursuing peace with wickedness
Still You stand ready to cover all their shame

For the God of the flood
still paints the rainbow
And when the bowls of wrath
begin to pour
Christ will remain
the God of Mercy
Yesterday, today, forevermore
Yesterday, today, forevermore,
Yesterday, today,  forevermore