Joshua Edwards Worship

D ragon's Goin' Down

Soon and very soon
the serpent shall be silent
That dragon’s goin’ down

The serpent curs-ed
more than any living thing
Hostility toward the woman,
for the serpent knew something
That his kingdom would be crushed
by a Great and Mighty king
The Shepherd with a scepter
would do the ruling

The woman had a Seed
that when was fully grown
Could with His life reverse the curse
and death would be overthrown
So the dragon licked his chops,
chomping for some flesh and bone
But child of the woman was caught up
to God’s very own throne

See, the prophecy of old was told
of a virgin birth
So the dragon swiped his tail,
and the deceived fell to the earth
But the very heel he strikes
will be the serpent’s doom
The Christ who died and was crucified
was risen from the tomb

All of Eve’s children
beaten and abused
Come lend an ear,
let me tell you the news!
The prison doors are open now,
and the fetters have been loosed
The Accuser of brethren
now stands accused

Soon and very soon
that ancient serpent shall be silenced
The dragon’s goin’ down