Joshua Edwards Worship

A ngel Angel

Angel Angel with the little scroll,
when he cries seven thunders roll
A rainbow gleams up overhead,
face like the sun with fiery legs
Angel Angel what you say?
Said “Johnny, seal it up for another day”

Angel angel with scroll in hand,
one foot on the sea and the other on land
He swears an oath by the Holy One
“When the seventh trumpet sounds
God’s great plan is done”
Yahweh speaks to the prophet-men,
now I am hearing Him speaking again

He says, “Go to the angel
with the scroll in his hand
The one who is standing
on sea and on dry land
The angel said, “Take it and eat it right now
It’ll be bitter in your belly,
but sweet as honey in your mouth
So I took it and tasted,
and it was just as he said
And now I must prophesy
once more again

Prophesy prophesy
‘bout many things
People and nations
and languages and kings
Well, I know there’s more to come
in this heavenly scene
But what could be stranger
than what I’ve already seen
Than the Angel Angel with that itty-bitty scroll,
when he cries seven thunders roll
When he cries seven thunders roll,
when the angel cries seven thunders…  roll